How to Spice Up Married Sex Life | Try These 5 Tactics

How to Spice Up Married Sex Life | Try These 5 Tactics

Has your married sex life been feeling a little bit flat and dry lately? We’ve all been there.

6 Tips for Spicing Up Your Married Sex Life

So, to reignite your passion and spice up your married sex life again, why not try something new and “out of the box”? 

1. Roleplay Your Favourite Characters

If you’ve never dressed up for your partner or adopted a persona, you might be missing out. Pretending to be someone else is not only a fun way to escape your life for a little while, but it’s also a brilliant trick for the bedroom, too!

2. Introduce New Sex Toys

Whether you’ve used them before or not, going shopping for toys can add some excitement back into your married sex life. You’ll be able to browse a store full of options, choose a couple that look intriguing, and get started as soon as you’re back home.

3. Discuss Your Top Fantasy

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do with your partner? Bringing it up in a conversation might just be enough to catch their attention and encourage them into bed with you. Even if it’s not something they’ve thought about before, they’ll be impressed you asked!

4. Try Different Positions

As the years go by, it’s easy to embrace the aches and pains of your body and go for the sex positions that feel the easiest, like missionary. However, this can be boring after a while and doesn’t always guarantee your pleasure. Shake things up once in a while with some other options.

5. Watch Porn or Read Erotica Together

There’s something very sexy about indulging in porn or erotica with your partner. They’re likely to think so, too. Find something that suits you both and settle down for a night of bliss, touching each other and taking the time to just exist in the moment. 

6. Do Something Romantic

When was the last time you bought flowers or a box of chocolate for your partner just for the sake of it? After years of being in a relationship together, being spontaneous likely isn’t your first priority. Still, it could make a huge difference to your married sex life. Travel back in time and treat them like you used to.

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