Communication and Intimacy Tips for Men with ED and PE 

Communication and Intimacy Tips for Men with ED and PE 

by Men's Health Clinic

Maintaining healthy communication in relationships is essential to survive in the long term. Effective communication is needed in addressing sensitive topics like sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE), which often affect relationships. If not handled properly, these sexual health conditions can strain your relationships and take away the joy of intimacy completely. 

But how do you get around discussing your sexual dysfunction with your partner and improving intimacy at the same time? Let’s explore methods to enhance communication and intimacy in the face of ED and PE. 

Narrative Sharing  

For your partner to understand where you’re coming from, you must open up and be honest about your personal experiences. For example, you can narrate a specific instance when PE or ED happened during an intimate moment and describe the emotional and psychological impact it had on you. 

Remember, your partner is an outsider under these conditions. They can only be affected during intimate moments, but outside of those, they are mere observers. To communicate your condition properly, narrate your experience as a man. This narrative sharing can foster empathy and support in your relationship. 

Sensate Focus Exercises  

“Sensate focus” is a technique that uses physical touch to improve communication, trust, and intimacy between partners.  

It focuses primarily on several touching motions (which can be taught by a sex therapist). The twist: there is no expectation or pressure of sexual performance during these exercises. Hence, they can help reduce potential performance anxiety that can lead to either ED or PE. 

With non-sexual touching exercises, you and your partner can communicate and connect in a way that removes the pressure of sexual intercourse. Your partner won’t expect a hard-rock erection from you. You can use this moment to open empathetic dialogues about the challenges you experience dealing with ED and PE. This fosters a supportive environment that enhances emotional and physical intimacy. 

Mindfulness Practices  

Mindfulness practices are about making oneself extremely aware of what the body senses and feels in the moment. Examples of these are breathing exercises and meditation sessions. 

Mindfulness practices can be instrumental in helping couples express themselves and effectively communicate their thoughts. By practising mindfulness, couples can become more attuned to their thoughts and emotions, especially when it comes to ED and PE. By being mindful, you can establish a foundation for open communication about sensitive topics. Overall, mindfulness promotes a greater capacity for non-judgmental communication. 

Also, as mindfulness helps in reducing stress and anxiety, it can benefit couples in terms of increasing sexual connection. It enhances intimacy as mindfulness helps you both learn where you like to be touched and how you like to be touched. 

Co-Created Intimacy  

Couples can strive to creatively explore new ways of achieving intimacy outside of sex. This can help remove the stress and strain from relying on sex as your major means of getting close romantically. Romance is multi-dimensional, and so is intimacy.  

If your intimacy is not penetration-focused, you reduce the stress of dealing with ED and PE during intercourse. A good starting place is searching for common activities and experiences that may bring joy and romantic closeness. Usually, romantic closeness is parallel to emotional closeness. Maybe it’s a shared love of working out, yoga, meditating, reading, or other hobbies that brought you together. By doing those activities, intimacy can flourish, and communication can be more open. 

Communication Rituals  

Communication rituals refer to routines you and your partner can do occasionally. 

For example, it can be talking during a relaxing cuddling or spooning. It can also be as simple as talking by the fireplace while having your favourite drink. Or it could be talking while the lights are off so you can be more open and honest. 

Communication rituals help you establish a safe space to discuss ED and PE concerns. Through these routinary practices, you can navigate the challenges of ED and PE while strengthening your bond through open communication. 


There are many ways of dealing with PE and ED—but it’s best dealt with when you know how to communicate appropriately. Open and empathetic communication helps strengthen bonds and enhance mutual understanding. Effective communication can also potentially aid in the resolution of PE and ED. Through good communication, partners can support each other and seek better solutions. 

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