Top Things that Topple Men

Top Things that Topple Men

In one of our previous blog entries, we talked about the different factors that could lead to common men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Of all the factors that were previously discussed, the psychological factors stand out the most because it is complicated. Today, we take a closer look at this side of men’s health – the top things that topple men and compromise their mental wellbeing. 

The Ideal Man Stereotype 

Before we continue, it’s important to note that most of the things that can topple men can be linked to the concept of “the ideal man.” Different cultures have different expectations of what it means to be an ideal man, and failure to live up to these expectations can cause emotional and psychological stress on a person. 

Career Challenges 

It’s a common belief across cultures that the man should be the breadwinner of his own household. Even for men living alone, being successful at their careers can be a huge boost to their self-confidence. “Being the boss” is such an empowering concept for many men, as aside from being in control of people at work, the pay that comes with such a position also gives them more control over other aspects of life. 

That said, failure to have a successful career at certain points of a man’s life can be extremely demoralising and easily lead to self-destructive behaviour. For example, a man who has a stagnant career can feel very frustrated with his lack of progress. Someone who has trouble landing a job might feel even worse. 

Financial Fumbles 

We mentioned earlier about how financial freedom can make a man feel good about himself. Having a stable source of income gives a man a feeling of independence and, more importantly, the ability to purchase his wants and needs. The money also makes a man more reliable in terms of providing for the needs of his household, which further reinforces the breadwinner mentality. 

Financial problems are one of the biggest causes of insecurity and depression among men. You’re probably familiar with countless stories of men’s lives being ruined after losing it all on a bad bet or a business deal gone wrong. Finally, both men and women are familiar with the feeling of helplessness when one doesn’t have a stable income. 

Poor Health 

Being healthy is a major source of self-confidence among men. If a man is healthy and fit, they have more control over what physical activities they can do. Good health is inherently linked to career and cash. Aside from being able to work, a healthy man can also avoid big medical expenses. Last but not the least, it’s normal for people who prefer partners who are free from debilitating diseases and the stress related to it. 

On the other hand, poor health is a major problem for men. Aside from being physically hampered by diseases or disorders, some health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and hormone imbalances can also be linked to ED and PE. Poor health can also affect someone’s physical appearance, which could lead to more self-esteem issues. 

Interpersonal Struggles 

A man with a healthy social life tends to be more confident because it is a testament to his people skills. The more friends a man has, the easier it is to find people who can support him in many aspects of his life. Moreover, having a good social life makes it easier for a man to find people who are more likely to agree with him. Being charismatic is also viewed as an attractive trait, so a man with good people skills is more likely to get into a relationship. 

Social struggle is one of the earliest sources of insecurity among men, as it can be felt as early as their childhood years. It can arise from bullying, abuse from family, or just trauma from interacting with other people. Aside from the stress and anxiety that comes with it, social struggle can also take a toll on a man’s existing relationships, as it makes communication and emotional expression difficult. 

Getting Back Up Again 

The top things that topple men may be difficult to deal with, but it’s not impossible to recover from the damage they might cause. Here are somethings that a man can do to regain his peace of mind and improve his self-confidence: 

Listen to motivational media – Watching videos or listening to podcasts centred on positivity helps provide inspiration to keep striving for self-improvement in a healthy way. 

Avoiding triggers – Minimising exposure to factors that can trigger one’s insecurity and anxiety helps keep a man from having his negative thoughts reinforced. 

Making lifestyle changes – A lot of the things that can topple men can be negated by making healthier lifestyle changes, changing one’s work ethic, and exercising restraint on unhealthy habits. 

Sticking to the right people – Being in the company of good friends and loving family is essential to recovery as they can provide emotional and psychological support. 

Seeking Professional Help 

Recovering from the top things that topple men is a battle against oneself, but that doesn’t mean a man has to go through the entire ordeal on his own. Seeking professional help can make the process of recovery easier and more effective, as a man can proceed with guidance, allowing him to try new approaches to improving his life and regaining his self-confidence.  

Trying to regain one’s self-confidence and dealing with depression can push a man into trying out different methods and products. By consulting a professional, a man can keep himself safe from trying out options or that are either ineffective or, in some cases, outright dangerous. 


The top things that topple men can affect men to different degrees. Regardless, these are real problems that require real solutions. With the right action, support from loved ones, and guidance from a psychological professional, a man can get back up from being knocked down, stronger than ever, more confident, and most importantly, at peace with his manliness. 

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