Beyond the Moustache: Men’s Health Tips in Movember

Beyond the Moustache: Men’s Health Tips in Movember

By Men’s Health Clinic 

Movember is an annual event raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. The event usually involves growing moustaches during November. Thus, you have the name, which is a combination of ‘moustache’ and ‘November.’ 

These particular men's health issues have reached concerning heights in recent years. Prostate cancer has been diagnosed in over 10.8 million males all over the globe. On the other hand, about 69% of all suicides are males, with approximately one man dying every minute every day.  

In the spirit of Movember, we’d like to suggest a few tips to help with men’s health. 


Physical Health Tips for Men 


Regular Exercise  

This is the most obvious tip that still warrants reminding everyone every day. Physical exercise is key for maintaining your weight, reducing risk of diseases, and promoting mental health.  

The real challenge will be finding the right exercise that you can commit to. Whether that’s biking, push-ups, or jogging, we suggest starting in smaller bursts and then gradually building up a longer routine. Consistency, rather than instant results, is what you should aim for at the start. 

Balanced Nutrition  

Fruit, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and wholegrains are some of the best suggestions for a balanced diet. If you have any particular allergies or restrictions, you may want to consult a dietitian first to know what’s appropriate for you.  

Unless you really have to, try not to rely solely on supplements for your nutritional needs. As the name implies, supplements are there to “supplement” for nutritional gaps in your diet—not stand in as a replacement for essential foods.  

Commit to a Regular Sleep Routine 

This might strike you as obvious but in case it doesn't, here’s your reminder. Studies have shown that regular sleep is crucial for maintaining your health and well-being. It affects everything from your mental state all the way to the likelihood of getting sick with heart disease. 
So, the next time you think about staying up, maybe think about whether you even need to.  

Regular Medical Check-ups  

The rise of work-from-home set-ups and other freelance job sideline arrangements meant that yearly medical checkups are now no longer mandated in many fields of work. But that shouldn't be an excuse to avoid going altogether. 

Medical check-ups are the only proven way you can have for detecting medical conditions that are practically invisible to you at first. 


Sexual Health Tips for Men 

Avoid Tobacco and Vape Pens  

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of many negative effects that have been often linked to both tobacco and vape pen use. So, if you’re thinking of puffing, it’s best to avoid it. And yes, that includes inhaling secondhand smoke around friends or strangers. 

Consult with Medical Specialists  

You never know if there may be some inherent conditions from your family or living background that may be interfering with your sexual health.  

But even if you're the picture of health, medical specialists will be crucial towards recommending what works for you. Only after consulting them will you learn whether Viagra or certain treatments will actually be appropriate for your case. 

For thorough health assessments, contact Men’s Health Clinic (MHC). 

Keep Yourself Informed About Your Medication's Side Effects 

Premature Ejaculation (PE) and reduced sexual desire has been often linked to certain antidepressants. We recommend checking your medication and supplements for any of these side effects. If you're unsure, you should at least shoot an email towards your trusted doctor and ask for advice. 

Encourage Regular Testing for You and Your Partner  

This can be particularly awkward especially if you’re going steady with your partner. But it bears noting that certain STIs and STDs do not need to be communicated through sex. Remind them of this while also reminding them that common viruses such as COVID19 are still very much present in their immediate vicinity. 

Beyond the Moustache: Men's Health Tips in Movember

Mental Health Tips for Men 

Get Help to Plan your Finances 

Financial concerns have been identified as one major factor that can affect men's mental health. This has often been attributed to men's role in society in having to be the financial provider. 

There are a variety of ways you can fix your finances. You could decide to consult an accountant or financial planner for instance. Anything to help ease your mind and get you started on a plan of action to keep your finances in check.  

Widen your Current Social Groups  

Don’t feel like talking to a psychiatrist or psychologist? Maybe you’ll feel more at ease with a group that does bowling or some other hobby you like.  
According to research, males are often the group that has trouble approaching medical specialists for mental health aid due to preconceptions about gender roles. This is especially true for adult males of color, whose previous race-related trauma can form additional factors in making them reluctant to trust medical specialists. 

Instead, males are more often likely to seek informal ways of dealing with mental stress. If you feel like you’re in a similar situation, a sympathetic ear may just be found in your most valued hobbies.  

Find a Productive Routine to Keep Yourself Busy  

Some would recommend exercise, while others would say listening to music is a great way of whiling away the time. The point is, you want to stay busy till the next exciting thing comes along. 

Do Consult Mental Health Professionals  

As we’ve pointed out, few want to admit that they need professional help. But sometimes, we really do need an informative ear that knows more than your average neighbour or poker buddy.  

If you don’t think you want to spend for an appointment, try to imagine it as a one-off visit first. Don’t be afraid to ask around for any promo rates for first-timers. Who knows, you might not even be charged for the first visit. 


So, this November, remember that Movember is more than just a gimmick for growing your moustache. The event helps men all over the world prioritise ways to look after their physical, sexual, and mental health all year round. If you can pick up just a few essential habits from the event, then it will have been more than worth it!  

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