3 ways that Women and Men differ during sex

3 ways that Women and Men differ during sex

We all know Men and Women differ in many ways! Stereotypically speaking, men are known to be the providers, and women the carers. Men are meant to be strong for those around them, and women must look after their family and partners. Men tend to shy away from their problems and sweep things under the rug. Women are more likely deal with the issues head on and instantaneously. Women are more likely to discuss issues with their friends, where as men may feel the need to present that everything is okay.

What about when it comes to sex? Do you find it hard to connect intimately with your wife or girlfriend? Most likely- yes! And you know what- it’s completely normal, because men and women have very different needs when it comes to sex.

Relationships are built on intimacy, but how can you be intimate with your partner if you are both searching for different sexual needs? Perhaps this could be why men and women tend to split after they lose this connection- because they struggle to understand why their partner doesn’t share the same desire as before. Unfortunately, couples often argue about sex rather than talking openly about it. We’ve outlined 3 ways on how men and women respond differently to sex, to help you understand why your sex life may not be what it was before.

Men have a higher sex drive

It’s been proven by Journal of Sexual Research suggests that men think about sex twice as much as women. Men experience more spontaneous sexual arousal, where as women’s sex drive is varied and can be influenced by her environment. What does this mean? Well put simply, men can be doing almost anything and if they become aroused, they’re ready to be intimate. If a woman is focused on completing a proposal for work, or she’s preparing dinner, or getting ready to see her friends- it’s highly unlikely for her to stop what she is doing and think about having sex right then.

Tip: When she is relaxed at home, ask her if there is anything you can help her with? Ask her whether you can spend time together after you’re both finished?

Women need to feel connected to have sex, where as men need to have sex to feel connected

Men generally put more emphasis on the physical connection, when compared to women who search for more of an emotional connection. Men respond to physical or visual cues, like a naked woman or suggestive images, where as a woman will respond more to an emotional connection. If you create a space where she feels appreciated and valued, if you speak to her with love and care, your partner will be more responsive to you sexually. That is why romantic dinners, breakfast in bed and date nights are so important for a woman to feel special and have an increase in sexual desire.

Tip: Plan a night in or a night out, create a romantic setting and reminisce on wonderful memories together. Let her know how much you appreciate her and show her you love her, and watch the intimate connection grow.

Men are like a microwave and women are like an oven

There is a reason why women are known to be more likely to fake an orgasm- it’s because of time. Men become aroused quicker and more intensely in a shorter period of time, like a microwave they become hot quickly! Women on the other hand need to heat up, like an oven. It takes longer to reach an orgasm, so more care and attention needs to be put in by her partner during foreplay.

Tip: Pay special attention to your partner’s arousal during foreplay, before jumping straight into penetrative sex. Giving your partner the attention now, could make her more likely to enjoy having sex with you next time.

When it comes to relationships, intimacy and connection is extremely important. As time goes by, your sex life may take a back seat. We’re here to help reignite the connection and 

improving your sex life

. If you use any of our tips- we’d like to hear your feedback!

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