ED and PE Treatment Breakthroughs to Expect in 2024 

ED and PE Treatment Breakthroughs to Expect in 2024 

By Men's Health Clinic

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, PE is present in 30% of men globally across all age groups. Meanwhile, the British Journal of Urology estimates that ED affects up to 75% of all males. Both conditions can negatively affect the quality of life for many men—resulting in depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship conflicts. 

In terms of effective ED and PE treatments, there are a fair number available. However, many of the ones easily available come with multiple side effects. Irregular heartbeats, nausea, and headaches are common side effects of prescribed medications. As we look ahead to 2024, there is a growing emphasis on exploring new and improved methods for addressing these conditions. The more methods for treatment that patients can access, the better. Not only will this provide more options, but it could also open more avenues for researching better treatments. 

Hold onto your hats, because 2024 is set to be a game-changer for all those dealing with ED and PE. Here are some ED and PE treatment breakthroughs we can expect in 2024: 

Custom Compounded Treatments 

Considering an individual's unique set of preferences, needs, and medical history could significantly contribute to treating both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.   

Compounded medications cover all of those. They can be tailored to meet specific patient requirements, such as adjusting the dosage, combining multiple drugs into a single dosage form, or removing allergens or unnecessary ingredients. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions in sensitive individuals. 

It’s important to note, however, that combining drugs or removing ingredients should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional. 

Currently, a trusted telehealth clinic like Men’s Health Clinic (MHC) offers easily accessible compounded medications. MHC’s licensed doctors are qualified to provide in-depth guidance and prescribe these medications while considering your overall health profile—physical, mental, and even social health. 

Creating compounded treatments means involving patients in the decision-making process and considering their preferences, treatment goals, and expectations. This approach can foster stronger relationships between doctors and patients, which can improve overall patient satisfaction and quality of life. 

Book an appointment today to get custom compounded treatments for ED and PE. 


Combination Therapies 

Combination therapies work by capitalising on synergistic effects from different treatment types. 

For premature ejaculation, pharmaco-therapy and psychotherapy are usually combined as explained in a study from the TAU Journal. Men are trained with behavioural techniques for delaying ejaculation and addressing other psychological factors. At the same time, they are given medication that helps delay ejaculation. 

In ED’s case, combination therapy usually involves combining some form of ED medication with other medications. PDE5 Inhibitors like Sildenafil are combined with androgen supplementation. There are also combinations involving treatments like Vacuum Erectile Devices (VED).  

Combination therapies offer a comprehensive approach as they allow for the simultaneous targeting of multiple factors contributing to ED and PE. They may also reduce the reliance on high doses of a single medication, potentially minimising the occurrence of side effects. 


Precision Medicine 

Precision medicine is about tailoring treatment approaches based on an individual’s genetic, physiological and psychological characteristics. 

According to Investigative and Clinical Urology, precision medicine lets you see what genetic markers or other psychological factors cause sexual dysfunction. Analysing each person’s genetic and biochemical profiles will allow for creating better treatment plans that cater to each individual.  

Precision medicine also has the potential to allow a greater understanding of sexual dysfunction etiology by looking at the interplay of factors. This could then lead to significant breakthroughs in the development of more ED and PE treatments


Gene Therapy 

Gene therapy can offer targeted treatments for each condition by addressing the underlying genetic factors that encourage them. 

As an example, erectile dysfunction may occur because of a lack of nitric oxide production due to aging. Gene therapy allows for the substitution of healthier genes, like the ones that produce nitric oxide.  

Currently, gene therapy has only been proven as a treatment for ED. However, research from the National Library of Medicine has indicated strong connections between ED and PE. This same research pointed out how successful treatments of ED were likely to alleviate PE as well.  

Research under the Korean Journal of Urology also suggests that PE may have genetic-based origins that determine who may be more likely to have PE. Further research on this topic could yield more solutions from gene therapy-based solutions in the future.  


Neurostimulation Techniques 

Neurostimulation techniques continue to offer new ways of treating ED by directly targeting the central nervous system. 

For men with PE, the results of transcutaneous dorsal penile nerve stimulation have been noted in the Asian Journal of Urology. The time between intravaginal penetration and ejaculation was seen to have gone up from .6 minutes to as much as 4.9 minutes after 60 weeks. The results, however, were only based on one patient. 

With ED patients, functional magnetic stimulation was an option studied by researchers at El Minia University. The test was conducted on 60 adult males aged 18 to 70 years. Surveyed participants saw a 95% satisfaction rate in terms of improving their erections.  



The number of emerging effective treatments conveys hope for many men dealing with PE and ED. While many of these treatments are still in the research phase, their potential to transform the lives of those affected is promising. 

Whatever treatment plan you plan to use or not use, you should always try to keep your doctor in the loop. Health professionals are in a unique position to tell you what your body may need, and if there are any risks involved. 

Book a consultation with a healthcare professional today to discuss your unique needs and discover the treatment options that are best suited to you. Let’s kick ED and PE to the curb as we gear up for some groundbreaking treatment advancements in 2024! 

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