How Common Is Male Infertility?

How Common Is Male Infertility?

The topic of infertility has been a controversial topic among couples for decades. There’s also been a general misconception that there must be something physically wrong with the woman in couples having fertility issues. In reality, male infertility is actually fairly common as well. About 13 out of 100 couples are unable to conceive, and in over a third of those infertility cases, the issue is presented in male partners. But what causes male infertility, and why do  a lot of men experience it?

Fertility Issues Are Fairly Common

If you and your partner are having trouble getting pregnant, it’s crucial that you understand what infertility is and how it affects your ability to conceive. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child after a couple has one year of unprotected sex. About one in 9 couples of reproductive age experiences fertility problems, and male factor infertility is the primary medical issue. In fact, about 30% of all infertility cases in the country are due to some issue with the man’s sperm production or sperm delivery.

Causes of Male Infertility

There are multiple reasons that cause infertility in men. Testosterone levels can be a contributing factor  as it affects both the sexual function and the sperm count of males. There are also many risk factors that can increase the chances of infertility. Some of the other known causes are:

Medical Causes

  • Varicocele 
    – This condition causes swelling of the veins within the lost bag of skin that holds the man’s testicles. It is a common cause of low sperm production and decreased sperm quality.
  • Infection 
    – Certain types of infection affect sperm production and health. Epididymitis and orchitis are two types of infections that can cause temporary or permanent infertility, depending on how severe the infection is.
  • Ejaculation Problems
     – Some ejaculation issues can also cause male infertility. While premature ejaculation can be easily resolved through premature ejaculation treatment, some problems are more severe than that. Retrograde ejaculation causes semen to enter the bladder instead of exiting during intercourse.
  • Hormone Imbalance
     – Hypogonadism is when the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, which leads to decreased sperm production.

Environmental Causes

  • Chemical Exposure
     – Being exposed to harmful chemicals like benzenes, organic solvents, painting materials, and pesticides can also cause infertility in men.
  • Radiation 
    – Prolonged exposure to radiation can cause a host of health problems, one of which is infertility. In severe cases, there can be permanent sperm production to the patient.
  • Drugs and Alcohol 
    – Consumption of substances like drugs and alcohol can also affect the health of the sperm.
  • Obesity 
    – Gaining weight causes some hormonal imbalance in the body, which in turn could lead to reduced sperm production.

Support and Treatment for Male Infertility

It’s important for men who were diagnosed with male infertility to seek support when possible. This growing issue needs to be acknowledged, and men need to feel safe in expressing their issues and feelings on the matter. To get the proper help and support needed to treat your condition, consult with our local and licensed doctors. They’re available country wide and can help anyone in any state. It’s advisable to visit your local male clinic to get the proper help and support needed to treat your condition.


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