Mistakes that Men Make When Dealing with ED and PE

Mistakes that Men Make When Dealing with ED and PE

by Men's Health Clinic

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) can be very difficult to deal with. Because of how common these issues are, it’s a given that some men end up making the wrong decisions when trying to address these problems. Today, we’re giving you a rundown on the most common mistakes when dealing with ED and PE so you can avoid making the same choices.

Ignoring the Issue

It’s true that men shouldn’t let ED or PE get them down, but there’s a big difference between not letting the issue bother them and outright ignoring it. There are also men who are aware that they might have ED or PE but assume that it’s either normal for their age or that it will sort itself out after some time.

Pretending that the problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away; it merely delays the treatment. Even worse, keeping ED or PE unchecked could make these issues even worse over time. On the other hand, seeking consultation and receiving treatment sooner than later can make it easier to manage the symptoms of ED and PE.

Self-diagnosing ED or PE

Because a lot of men find ED or PE embarrassing, it’s common for some to try and diagnose themselves. Some will compare it to anecdotal evidence from other men, while others will just look up the list of symptoms. A quick online search is more than enough for them to confirm their suspicions.

Whether it’s to save on consultation fees or to avoid telling another people (even a professional) about ED and PE, self-diagnosing is both unreliable and dangerous. If the self-diagnosis shows nothing, someone won’t have the urge to seek treatment. On the other hand, there’s also the risk of someone diagnosing that they have ED based on incorrect observation, causing him to seek treatment when not necessary.

Not Telling Their Partner

If men find telling a medical professional about their ED or PE embarrassing, things can be even worse when it comes to telling someone they’re sleeping with. A significant portion of men do not want to admit that they have these issues out of fear of being judged by their partner.

Being secretive about men’s health issues may seem like a good way to keep them from getting in the way of having a good time, but it’s making things worse for both people in the relationship. The man will constantly feel the pressure and anxiety of keeping the problem a secret, while the partner may end up questioning their own performance in bed or form their own thoughts about why the man is bad in bed. On the other hand, being open about ED and PE helps the partner set expectations in the bedroom as well as work as a partner in search for treatment.

Relying Too Much on Medication

With medication for ED and PE more available to men compared to a decade ago, it’s easy for someone to get their hands on a bottle or two of pills. Because these meds can be very effective, some develop the habit of using the medication as a band-aid solution for long-term ED and PE management.

This is easily one of the most dangerous mistakes that a man with ED and PE can make. By depending too much on drugs, their body might build resistance to it. As a result, they may end up seeking more drugs to achieve the same effect in the future. As always, proper medication combined with lifestyle changes and counseling from a licensed professional is still the best option to ensure safe and effective results.

Failing to Consider Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This one is heavily tied to the previous mistake. Depending on medication can trick a man into a false sense of security. This is because they can end up ignoring different factors that cause ED and PE in the first place. As a result, they forget about things like working out, eating healthy, and taking mental health breaks.

Lifestyle choices will always matter when it comes to treating ED and PE. By improving one’s general health, they set their bodies up to be more receptive to different forms of treatment. Even better, developing healthy lifestyle habits make it easier to stick to anti-ED or PE routines that involve routine activities and self-control.


Because of the nature of ED and PE, making sure you take the right approach is essential to effectively addressing it. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above depends on the man being more open towards the concept of sharing their struggle with the issue and a willingness to commit to healthier lifestyle habits. A balance of medication, discipline, and help from loved ones AND medical professionals is still the best and safest way to deal with ED and PE.

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