New Things to Try for Managing ED

New Things to Try for Managing ED

by Men's Health Clinic

Living with erectile dysfunction or ED may be one of the greatest challenges to a man, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a hopeless struggle. There are plenty of things you can add to your daily routine to make ED more manageable. At the beginning of the New Year, why not try out something different? Here are a few new things to try for managing ED.

A New Way to Relieve Stress

One of the biggest factors that can contribute to ED is stress. Sex can put pressure on a man, as he is expected to perform well in bed to satisfy his partner. This pressure can keep you distracted from the pleasure of lovemaking and prevent you from getting erection. Outside the bedroom, stress can keep you from getting in the mood in the first place.

The change: It’s time to add new methods to release stress in your daily routine. For starters, see if you can squeeze in 30 minutes to an hour of mindfulness exercises to help yourself relax. Another thing you can do is set a weekly appointment at the nearest spa to pamper yourself with a massage. Finally, taking a slower, more mellow approach to sex can help take off some of the pressure while also enhancing the pleasure you get from it.

A New Sleeping Schedule

Even with a healthy outlook about sex, getting an erection can still be difficult if you’re not getting enough sleep. Depending on your daily routine, you might end up just wanting to sleep by the time your partner wants to have sex with you. Sure, we’ve heard of getting the six to eight hours of sleep, but without a proper plan, you will likely end up not getting enough rest.

The change: A little rest and restraint can go a long way. A lot of people who don’t get enough rest usually can’t sleep because they must make up for lost productivity during working hours or they overindulge in something like browsing the web or watching TV. Setting a definite time to go to bed is not exactly an easy thing to do but sticking to it for a few weeks will help you develop a healthier sleep schedule that helps keep you energised for the next day and the next love making session.

A New Workout Routine

It’s possible to lose erection too soon if you’re the type who gets tired easily in bed. This is often caused by two things: poor stamina and weak muscles. Remember that sex can be a very intense physical activity, so taking care of your body is also as important as having a healthy mindset. Thankfully, these two factors can be sorted out by having a new workout routine.

The change: Depending on what’s hindering you from lasting longer in bed, you can get a new workout routine targeting your weakest physical aspects. For example, if you end up feeling winded too soon when having sex, then you can trade in some strength training routines for more cardio to improve stamina. On the other hand, if muscle strain is holding you back, squats and other exercises focusing on your pelvic area can strengthen the muscles that do the most work in bed.

A New Diet

What you eat can have a significant effect on how well you can maintain your erection during sex. For example, eating too much fatty food has been shown to cause atherosclerosis, a condition that damages the blood vessels, including those responsible for making the penis erect. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause problems with your blood pressure, which is also a necessary part of maintaining an erection.

The change: If there ever was a time to try a new diet plan, it’s here and now. According to studies, nuts and legumes contain nutrients that are linked to lower or reduced severity of ED. Spicing up your bedroom may also mean spicing up your food, as parsley, thyme, chives, and oregano have been shown to be rich in flavonoids that have also been linked to the reduction of ED. You should also consider cutting down on alcohol consumption and replacing your beverage with fruit juices as a healthier alternative.

A New Approach to Treatment

While there are medications designed to help combat the symptoms of ED, a lot of men make the mistake of relying too much on those drugs. As a result, they end up feeling helpless if there’s no pill available, and the long-term results are either suboptimal or even downright dangerous to their health. If you want to truly conquer your ED, you need a different approach to treating it.

The change: Instead of seeking out a specific medicine, find a more holistic approach to ED management. A combination of counselling, therapy, and medication can bring better results than just ordering male performance medicine online. Proper treatment factors in your specific needs, current health, and lifestyle circumstances, allowing the experts to recommend routine changes and medication meant for you.


The New Year signals opportunities to add something new to your life. Consider these suggestions and you’re bound to have a better time managing erectile dysfunction. While some of these changes will require a lot of adjustment on your part, the amount of improvement you can achieve makes everything well worth the effort.

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