Getting help is the first step. Time to act!

Getting help is the first step. Time to act!

Across the world, far too many men suffer from untreated sexual disorders. While some men think that their condition will go away on its own, others are hesitant to seek medical treatment out of shame, fear, or embarrassment.

But if you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction, the truth is that the only way to improve your condition is by asking for professional help. Whether you’re dealing with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or another sexual disorder, it’s important to know that help is available — as long as you’re willing to ask for it.

In this post, you will learn how and why to get help if you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction. If you need advice on how to begin the conversation with your doctor, you’ll also find some popular questions to ask.

Why getting help is essential to improving your quality of life

No matter what type of sexual dysfunction you have, leaving it untreated can create a range of additional problems. For instance, men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation often experience depression and anxiety as a result of their condition.

If you’re married or in a relationship, an untreated sexual disorder can cause issues between you and your partner. One or both of you may feel dissatisfied in your sexual relationship, which can lead to resentment and anger.

There’s also the possibility that your sexual dysfunction could be masking another undiagnosed medical condition. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused by disorders like heart disease or diabetes, and some men only find out that they have one of those problems because they sought treatment for their erectile dysfunction.

In any case, getting help is the first step to getting better. Fortunately, getting help can be done confidentially and without judgment — without even visiting your doctor’s office.

Popular questions you might have for your doctor

Many men find it difficult to initiate a conversation with their doctor about their sexual health concerns. If that’s where you find yourself, you might find it helpful to start by asking your doctor some of the following questions.

Is it normal to have this condition?

Sexual dysfunction is extremely common among men. Unfortunately, it’s not openly discussed very often. Estimates suggest that one in three men deal with a sexual disorder like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, so you’re certainly not alone.

What is causing my condition?

Depending on your specific diagnosis and medical history, your doctor will offer an explanation for what could be causing your condition. If you have premature ejaculation, it could be due to depression, anxiety, stress, a hormone imbalance, or an oversensitive penis. If your problem is with erectile dysfunction, your doctor will let you know if it’s because of mental health issues (commonly depression or anxiety) or physical issues (like high blood pressure, diabetes, or certain medications you’re taking).

How can I treat my condition?

The exact treatment will depend on which sexual disorder you have. For premature ejaculation, your doctor might recommend a combination of exercises, behavioural techniques, and medication. For erectile dysfunction, your medical professional could suggest exercises, medication, or lifestyle changes. For either condition, you might also be advised to undergo counselling in order to resolve the psychological factors that relate to your disorder.

Do I need to get treatment?

During your appointment, your doctor can share more details about how treatment can improve your particular sexual disorder. But the basic fact is that nothing will get better until you actively take steps to make it better. Treatment doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do have to take the initiative if you want to conquer your condition.

What should I do if treatment doesn’t work?

When you visit a medical practice like Men’s Health Clinic, the doctors will monitor your progress as you go through treatment. It creates an open flow of communication between you and your doctor, so you can easily let your medical team know if your condition isn’t improving with treatment.

How to find help for your sexual dysfunction

If you’re ready to stop suffering in silence, it’s time to reach out for help. These days, medical help is easier to access than ever before, with an online ED and PE clinic like Men’s Health Clinic.

When you book a consultation with our practice, you will be able to discreetly discuss your health concerns with one of our licenced doctors. It’s a stress-free and confidential way to get expert help and advice for your condition.

Men’s Health Clinic is an online medical practice specialising in men’s health issues, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone. We’ve helped thousands of men take control over their sexual health and reignite their sex life.

At Men’s Health Clinic, we make it easy for men to get help for their most sensitive health concerns. Here’s how it works. First, take our free online self-assessment to give us a better idea of the challenges you’re currently facing in the bedroom. We’ll ask a few simple questions such as how often you can get an erection, how long intercourse typically lasts for you, and whether or not you’re able to control your ejaculation time.

If your responses make us think that you might have a form of sexual dysfunction, we’ll prompt you to schedule a conversation with one of our doctors. During your consultation, your doctor will ask about your current symptoms and how long you’ve been experiencing them, as well as your relevant medical history.

From there, your doctor will come up with a diagnosis if required. In the case that medication is needed, our pharmacy team will fill our prescriptions and ship them to you in discreet packaging. Once you begin treatment, our team will be in touch to schedule monthly check-ins and adjust your medications as necessary. At Men’s Health Clinic, we’re focused on breaking the stigma that surrounds men’s sexual health. Learn more about our clinic by checking out our website

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