How has COVID affected Aussie relationships?

How has COVID affected Aussie relationships?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed our personal relationships in unprecedented ways. Life in lock-down has instigated close, constant contact with our families and partners, but social distancing measures have isolated us from our friends and wider communities.

At the Men’s Health Clinic we have seen an immense growth in inquiries from men experiencing intimacy problems with their loved ones, due to the nature of working from home and spending more time together in isolation. In many cases there is no ‘hiding’, with men’s sexual dysfunction being amplified because they can’t use work or other activities as a ‘get out’ card. Our customers have reported feeling more pressure and stress to perform, which makes it harder to be intimate with their partners.

In some cases, men tend to suppress the way they feel – rather than express it. Male bravado tries to convince them ‘’it will be right mate, it’s only a phase I’m going through”. However, as time goes on, these bedroom problems tend to get worse if not addressed. Many families and couples have found themselves navigating new problems, which also aggravates existing tensions. Intimacy glues relationships – it is what holds us together during challenging times. If this is neglected, it increases the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

When men are stressed and overwhelmed their sense of desire for intimacy declines, which often leaves their partner feeling rejected or unwanted. Therefore, sexual intimacy (the very thing that brings couples closer) causes a rift and creates unease. This intimate disconnect, coupled with emotional and financial distress from COVID-19, has taken a huge toll on mental health and marriage breakdowns.

According to, Google searches including the term ‘divorce’ have continued to increase. The peak recorded in June surpassed the usual spike period that follows Christmas and New Year. reports that couples in Queensland’s Gold Coast and in NSW the Central Coast are most unhappy. High search rates also followed in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Many men are feeling the pressure of expectation, as COVID continues to affect our way of life. If you are feeling your sense of manhood declining or your connection with your partner is fading away, we encourage you to take action now and get ahead of the problem. Our expert team is here 24/7 to help assess your symptoms and give you peace of mind. Schedule your free initial consultation below, and we will get in contact for a confidential call.

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