Reasons to Talk to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction (Stop Avoiding it)

Reasons to Talk to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction (Stop Avoiding it)

Statistically speaking, men are less likely to visit their General Practitioner (GP) compared to women. A recent study conducted by, it was discovered that 86% of women had visited a general practitioner in the last 12 months compared with 75% of men.

So, Why Aren’t Men Visiting their Doctor?

  •  Societal expectations
     - For many years, men have been expected to appear ‘strong’; both physically and psychologically. Throughout centuries, both men and women have been moulded into unfair gender norms, and consequently such affects are still felt. Some men avoid visiting the doctor due to the fear of being perceived as weak or unable to provide for. A societal pressure that stems from the out-dated expectation that men should be the only one to provide for their family or dependants. Fortunately, we are starting to see a shift in mindset in recent years regarding such expectations.
  • Embarrassment 
    – Unfortunately for some, doctors are not inanimate objects that do or say nothing; instead, they are real people who are available to help those in need. In many cases men avoid visiting the doctor due to the fear of being judged, which can lead to the feeling of embarrassment. Which is a completely understandable worry, after-all, you are confiding in someone to give you medical advice on a very private matter. One poor response can lead the whole interaction astray.
  • Fear 
    – Any health concern can be worrying and deserves merit. Fear is one of the most common reasons people avoid the doctor in general. It’s human nature to be self-critical and to expect the worst. However, in many cases ED can be treated! There are various treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Meaning you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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  • Having An ‘It’ll Sort Itself Out’ Attitude
     – The hard truth is, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) will NOT sort itself out. Having this kind of mentality can be dangerous as it could lead to greater health concerns. Unlike the common cold, which goes away on its own; Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cannot. Therefore, if you’re dealing with ED it’s important to speak to a doctor that specialises in sexual health. After-all, we shouldn’t be comparing apples to oranges.

Reasons to Speak to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Symptoms have become progressively worse
  • The condition is having a negative effect on intimate relations\Feelings of low self-esteem or self-doubt have started to present
  • Peace of mind! Sometimes investigating the issue can help a great deal
  • It can help improve and treat the condition

How to Build Up the Courage to Speak to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Forget about what other people think 

This is a personal issue and concern; therefore, it will nowhere near affect anyone else as much as it will affect you. Speaking up about it is crucial to treatment success.

Conquer fear Itself

Sometimes fear can stem from the unknown. Therefore, it’s important to research and investigate the medical condition itself and treatment options that are available.

Speak to the right doctor

Sourcing an experienced doctor is crucial when treating a highly sensitive medical condition. Ideally, it may be suitable to speak to a doctor who is a specialist in sexual health.

Book in a telehealth consultation 

It’s easy, convenient and can help provide confidence. Patients at the Men’s Health Clinic prefer telehealth consultations, primarily due to the discreet nature of such appointments. In fact, no one would know about it unless you told them!

With over 10 years of industry leading experience and thousands of patients successfully treated, the Men’s Health Clinic offers tailor made treatment plans for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). To learn more about how treatment could help you, book a free assessment today.

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