What is normal ejaculation time?

What is normal ejaculation time?

Is your ejaculation normal?

Your in your mid 30’s and you are yet to hear a girl tell you…

“That was amazing!”

It’s good while it lasts, but in the end you both usually feel underwhelmed.

You want to ask someone a question that has been on your mind, but you are too embarrassed…

“What is a normal ejaculation time?”

“Can you cure premature ejaculation?”

“Am I good in bed?”

Let us answer it for you.

Normal vs Premature Ejaculation

The World Health Organization experts defines premature ejaculation as the persistent occurrence of ejaculation with minimal stimulation. 2 This means that ejaculation occurs before or shortly following penetration. 

The term premature ejaculation is used to describe ejaculation occurring sooner than desired during sexual intercourse. Problems with early ejaculation is a common cause of sexual dysfunction in men. PE can harm the quality of life of the affected person and his partner. Untreated PE can lead to a number of problems, including: 1 

  • Anxiety
  • Problems with self-esteem
  • Reduced libido
  • Erectile dysfunction

How is premature ejaculation different from normal ejaculation?

Ejaculation is the process by which semen is expelled from the penis during intimate relations. In the emission stage, semen (the fluid containing sperm) collects at the base of the penis. In the expulsion stage, the semen is pushed out of the penis. One problem is when a reduced amount of semen is ejaculated. Another problem is a reduced force with which semen is expelled. During normal sexual activity, a man initially has considerable voluntary control over the emission of semen. This control progressively decreases until a point of inevitable ejaculation is reached.

How quick is too quick? 

PE is measured by the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT). This is time between penetration and discharge. Lifelong premature ejaculation is defined as an IELT of less than 1 minute. This is usually present from the first sexual encounter. Probable or acquired PE is an IELT of less than 3 minutes. It can also be an IELT between 1 and 5 minutes depending on the definition. This can occur at any time in a man’s life. 1,2 

A study of 4,000 sexual events in nearly 500 couples found that the average IELT is 5.4 minutes. However, this can vary greatly from 30 seconds to 44 minutes. 3

PE results in unsatisfactory experience for both partners. The man loses control, which can intercourse frustrating and distressing. Unfortunately, due to the perceived shame and embarrassment in talking about it, PE often remains unreported and untreated.

What is the main cause?

PE is believed to be mainly a psychological problem. It can occur due to an over-anxious personality, poor body image, depression, or sexual abuse. Experts believe PE is the result of performance anxiety due to early sexual experiences and conditioning.1 Also, techniques and the frequency of activity may play a role. Some of the possible biological causes of PE include:1 

  • Over-sensitivity
  • Abnormal neurotransmitter levels in the brain
  • Abnormal hormone levels in the body

The evidence suggests that lifelong PE may be genetically determined. It is believed to be mediated through certain receptors in the brain. Acquired PE, on the other hand, is thought to be the result of factors such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infection or inflammation of the prostate or urethra

Is premature ejaculation curable?

For a long time, the only treatment for premature ejaculation was behavioural therapy and counselling. These days it remains the first line of treatment. The doctor may recommend masturbating shortly before intercourse. It may help to abstain from intimacy for some time to reduce the anxiety associated. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels for men) can help strengthen the muscles and delay discharge. The use of condoms can decrease penile sensitivity and may prove useful. 

If none of these exercises proved to be successful, premature ejaculation treatment may be suitable.

What is the best treatment for premature ejaculation?

Topical anaesthetics are sometimes used to treat PE. They work by reducing sensation and delaying ejaculation. Other treatments may be prescribed. More than one treatment may be suitable.

At the Men’s Health Clinic, we tailor all PE treatment plans to the needs of the patient. It can take months to find the right combination of treatment for a man with severe premature ejaculation. However, once this is established, normal IELT can be achieved. 

Are there any home remedies for quick ejaculation times?

There are a couple of techniques that may work if you are having problems with early ejaculation. The stop-start method entails temporarily ceasing all stimulation when the sensation to ejaculate develops. Once the feeling passes, activity can be resumed. The Johnson and Masters technique involves gently squeezing the tip of the penis for a few seconds until the urge to ejaculate subsides.


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