What women really think about ED & PE

What women really think about ED & PE

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward ‘’I can’t perform!’’ moment with a woman you care about? Or maybe you’ve experienced a bout of stage fright with someone you’ve just met?

Perhaps you feel you’ve ‘’let her down’’ a couple of times. Or maybe this ‘’it’s really hard to talk about it’’ situation is happening so often it’s putting a huge strain on you mentally.

If any of the above gives you flashbacks of rough times in the bedroom – don’t worry, you may simply be experiencing ED or PE.

Simply explained:
ED (

Erectile Dysfunction

) happens when you are unable to produce or sustain an erection.

PE (

Premature Ejaculation

) happens when you orgasm before the time desired.

Both ED & PE affect huge numbers of Aussie men, just like you. Both can be tricky at the time but neither mean it’s the end of you having fun in the bedroom!

To give you a better insight into the effects of both (if left untreated) we’ve spoken to thousands of women who have shared their honest opinions in the context of a relationship.

Women’s thoughts on dealing with ED

  • ‘’He’s having an affair’’ When ED becomes common, it can make her fear the worst. Honest communication is needed to avoid a relationship-threatening crisis.
  • ‘’He’s not attracted to me any more’’ ED can become a source of frustration and disappointment.
  • “He’s no longer interested in sex at all.” ED can cause desire to drop off … in a bid to avoid failure; men often give up trying at all.
  • “I don’t understand what’s wrong, so I need to find satisfaction elsewhere.” Women who are kept in the dark about ED admitted to eventually considering looking for sex outside of their relationship.

If you don’t take control of Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction will take control of you, along with your most important personal relationships. ED is not something you suffer alone, it’s also terribly damaging to partners. Erectile Dysfunction can and has destroyed relationships.

Women’s thoughts on dealing with PE

  • ‘’The endless frustration of unsatisfying sex’’. When frustration builds it’s not always about PE itself – the fallout can lie in if the man does not discuss the problem.
  • ‘’The steady decline of desire’’. When sex becomes a source of disappointment, women can pull back and opt out of it altogether – to avoid being let down.
  • ‘’A sexless relationship can evolve with shocking speed’’. PE creates challenges that lead to bigger issues – communication breakdowns can soon lead to breakups.

Premature Ejaculation can be effectively managed – it needs to be discussed and dealt with before it becomes a bigger issue for you and the woman in your life. Don’t suffer in silence!

Men’s Health Clinic has proudly grown to become the number one resource for successfully diagnosing and treating both ED & PE for men. We can help you overcome these issues as soon as possible.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions and we will endeavour to design a treatment that will be most effective for you and your circumstances – because that is what we find will help set you on a better path to more confidence with your partner in the bedroom.

Do you want to overcome ED or PE for good? Be sure to contact our team of experts today for a discreet assessment. We look forward to putting you on the path to a better sex life!

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