6 Self-Care Techniques to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

6 Self-Care Techniques to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has plagued men since the beginning. It has always been a struggle as it doesn’t only affect men but also their partners. As hard it might be to address the problem with your partner or even your doctor, but there are ways to help you overcome this. Here’s a list of techniques that could help you overcome your ejaculation problems.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

In simplest terms, premature ejaculation occurs when a man doesn’t have control over their ejaculation, and as a result, he and his partner are not sexually satisfied. Typically, the sexual climax is achieved before, upon, or shortly after vaginal penetration, prior to one’s desire to do so. Ejaculation problems such as this is one of the most prevalent forms of male sexual dysfunction.

How Long Should It Take for Men to Climax?

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average time it takes for a premature ejaculator to climax was 1.8 minutes compared to the 7.3 minute average of non-premature ejaculators. That’s a significant difference between the two groups of subjects. It goes without saying that premature ejaculation is a difficult problem to deal with. 

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

What causes premature ejaculation could be psychological or biological in nature. Over-sensitive genital skin, hyperactive reflexes, extreme arousal, or infrequent sexual activity are some of the probable causes. If ejaculation times are causing persistent distress to you and your partner, these techniques could help you overcome it.

  • Diversionary Thoughts
     – If you concentrate your mind on thinking about things other than sex or ejaculating, it could in some way delay your ejaculation. Thinking about baseball, work, pet peeves, and the like are good examples. However, it could lead to a decrease in arousal and sexual intimacy.
  • Down Tempo 
    – This requires you to develop mindfulness of the sensation immediately before ejaculation. Just before you pass the “point of no return,” you can try changing the angle of penetration or slowing down the pace of your thrusting.
  • Pause-Start Method
     – If slowing down isn’t sufficient to prevent early climax, stopping completely while maintaining penetration may be more suitable. You just have to wait until the feeling of ejaculatory urgency goes away before you can resume the thrusting motion.
  • Squeeze Technique
     – This involves withdrawing and squeezing the head of the penis right before you feel the sensation of ejaculating. Once the ejaculatory feeling subsides, intercourse can be resumed. Although effective, it involves interrupting intercourse, which can be cumbersome to your partner.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
     – Instead of squeezing the head of your penis, you can try to contract your pelvic floor muscles as an alternative. This is a more subtle and discreet variation of the squeeze technique, but it also requires interrupting intercourse. With sufficient practice, this could lead to an improvement in your ejaculatory time.
  • Decreasing Sensitivity
     – There is also the option to decrease the sensitivity of your penis by using thick condoms or condoms that’s been coated with a form of numbing lubricant. Alternatively, there are local anesthetics you can purchase over the counter in the form of gels, topical creams, and sprays.


Those are just a few of the self-help techniques you can use to overcome premature ejaculation. They can be used in different combinations to further amplify their effectiveness in preventing unexpected ejaculatory sensations. If you still don’t observe any changes in your ejaculatory times, it’s better to consult with our licensed doctors at Men’s Health Clinic.
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