Can Ancient Sex Yoga or "Trantric Sex" Heal Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Ancient Sex Yoga or "Trantric Sex" Heal Erectile Dysfunction?

Throughout history, ancient cultures have explored the mind-body link in lovemaking. They discovered that our sexuality goes beyond the mere physical act. Enter tantric sex—a technique rooted in ancient wisdom that offers a refreshing approach to tackling sexual issues like erectile dysfunction (ED).  


With the mind-body connection idea, some people lean towards ancient treatments instead of modern ones. Are modern treatments or ancient techniques the way to go when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction and getting your groove back? 


What Exactly is Tantric Sex? 

Tantric sex first sprouted its roots in ancient India as a part of Tantric traditions (which evolved from Hindu and Buddhist practices). The technique is all about syncing up your mind, body, and spirit during sex. Some ancient cultures see tantric sex as a pathway to achieving higher states of consciousness (whilst having mind-blowing sexual pleasure). 

Tantric focuses on deep intimacy, mindfulness, and sexual energy exchange. The goal is essentially to make pleasure last longer. Veering away from the idea of “quickies,” tantric sex sessions usually last for more than an hour in some cases. And get this: there was even a couple who claimed their orgasms could last a mind-boggling 18 hours. Talk about stamina and keeping the energy flowing! 


While some couples use tantric sex to orgasm, the endgame isn't just the big “O.” It's more about enjoying the journey itself and amping up your connection with your partner. 


There’s no specific way of engaging in tantric sex, but the practice is known for involving things like: 

  • Eye gazing 
  • Kegel exercises (contracting and releasing pelvic floor muscles) 
  • Conscious breathwork or moanings 
  • Rhythmic movements during intercourse 

The Controversy of Tantric Sex According to a Netflix Documentary Series 

Tantric sex has been making waves in the wellness world, especially with it being featured in the Netflix documentary “(Un)Well.” Tantric sex healing got mixed reviews as the show sheds light on the potential exploitation and abuse associated with it. 

According to “(Un)Well,” some proponents say it's empowering and can even help folks heal from their past traumas. But there's a flip side, too. Skeptics warn that spiritual sex can get messy because of the power dynamics between gurus and disciples. This may complicate giving consent—potentially leading to sexual abuse or exploitation of vulnerable individuals. 

The Netflix show also tackled that many tantric sex teachers and practitioners have Westernized the ancient tradition—divorcing from its original Hindu and Buddhist context. 

Considering these controversies, it would be best to practice tantric sex with caution only with your trusted partner. It would also be great to do in-depth research on the subject before exploring to keep things consensual and safe. 


Modern Techniques VS Tantric Sex 

Modern ED Treatments 


  • Reliability: Modern ED treatments have been put through the scientific wringer and are proven to work. Some medications are known to amp up the blood flow to the nether regions—making it easier to get better erections.  
  • Accessibility: Getting a hold of modern ED treatments is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply consult with healthcare professionals who deal with men’s sexual health, and they'll hook you up with the right prescription. Modern ED treatments are ideal for men who want results pronto. 
  • Medical Expertise: Modern treatments have the backing of medical know-how. Healthcare professionals spent decades studying each treatment they provide. They’ve also encountered several different erectile dysfunction cases. They both got the theoretical knowledge and practical application to effectively address your ED worries. 
  • Customisation: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to impotence. Good thing, there are reputable men’s health clinics that offer personalised ED treatments. You can strut your stuff in the bedroom with confidence knowing that your medications are bespoke to your health profile and requirements. Check out Men’s Health Clinic (MHC) for reliable, accessible, expert, and customised ED treatments. 



  • Potential Side Effects: Some medications come with unwanted side effects. We're talking headaches, flushed faces, stomach troubles, and maybe even some funky visual disturbances. It’s important to chat with a healthcare pro to understand the risks and see if the treatments jive with your specific health situation. 
  • Dependency: When something is effective, you might start relying on the meds a little too much to maintain your erections. Over time, you might become psychologically dependent on the meds and lose confidence in your natural bedroom prowess. Some patients may be too dependent that they wouldn’t want to try alternative approaches to addressing ED. 


Tantric Sex Techniques 



  • Meditation-like Approach: Sex is best experienced when you involve your mind and soul into it. Tantric practices, which involve breathwork and energy channeling, share similarities with meditation. By engaging in tantric sex and being in an almost meditative state, you can feel more relaxed, thus avoiding performance anxiety. 
  • Better Communication: Tantric sex is all about being open and vulnerable with your partner. It’s like creating a safe space to communicate your feelings and tackle any emotional blockages. Breaking down those emotional barriers can help alleviate some of the psychological factors contributing to ED. You’ll also achieve a heightened sense of connection with your partner and they’ll have a better understanding on how to deal with ED
  • Self-Exploration: Tantric sex is all about getting to know yourself on a deeper level as it allows you to explore your own body, desires, and sensations. It promotes self-awareness and can enhance your body confidence. The more self-esteem you have, the less you’ll encounter performance anxiety-related ED. 


  • Not Science-Backed: When you use ancient techniques to manage certain health issues, questions about their scientific validity usually come up. While tantric sex techniques have been around for ages, scientific evidence of its effectiveness is still scarce. Tantric techniques are subjective in nature, so it’s quite challenging to conduct controlled studies and get quantifiable data regarding its effectiveness. 
  • Time and Commitment: Tantric sex isn't a quick fix—it requires time, patience, and commitment to learn and practice. If you have a jam-packed schedule it may not be ideal for you (especially if you’re seeking immediate results). 
  • Individual Variability: Tantric practices are quite personal—and they are meant to be that way. Each person’s experience with tantric sex may vary, depending on your own beliefs and cultural background. What works for one person might not work the same for you because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to address specific health conditions. 

Key Takeaways (FAQs) 

What is tantric sex practice and how does it relate to erectile dysfunction? 

Tantric sex is an ancient practice that came from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It promotes mindfulness and connection during sex. It’s not scientifically related to ED, but many followers believe that it can help individuals living with erectile dysfunction by reducing their performance anxiety and increasing relaxation in sex. 

Which is better in addressing erectile dysfunction, tantric sex or modern treatments? 

It’s best to have a balanced approach when managing erectile dysfunction. Tantric sex is not an alternative to modern treatments. It can help reduce stress and performance pressure (which are common contributing factors to ED). 

Are there specific tantric exercises that can help address erectile dysfunction? 

There are no specific tantric exercises that can address ED because there are no solid techniques to practice it. You can try common exercises like deep breathing, eye gazing, and rhythmic movements during sex. 

Tantric Sex Highlights the Importance of Communication and Intimacy 

Tantric sex may have been exploited by some teachers or gurus in the sexual wellness industry. But at its core are some serious benefits.  

It's all about creating a chill and judgment-free space where you can talk about your desires, concerns, and even boundaries. It encourages slowing down and embracing a mindful approach to lovemaking. 

This kind of lovemaking is a game-changer because it strengthens intimacy and builds trust. It can even help kick performance anxiety to the curb for those living with erectile dysfunction

Nonetheless, keep in mind that tantric practices aren't a substitute for medical advice and treatment. It’s best to have both in your arsenal because a balanced approach always works. Healthcare professionals have the knowledge to assess your situation and dig into the root causes of your ED. Once they’ve assessed your health profile, they can recommend treatment options tailored to your needs. 

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