What are Some of the Best Sex Positions for Men?

What are Some of the Best Sex Positions for Men?

With such a large range of sex positions for men on offer, it can be overwhelming to choose where to start. 

Whether it’s your first time getting intimate or you just want to explore more with your partner, finding your new favourite sex position will enhance your experience considerably. 

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Men

From the classic Missionary to the (slightly) more adventurous Doggy Style, there are so many sex positions for men that feel truly amazing. 

Everyone will have their own unique preference, so why not try a few?

1. The Lotus

The Lotus is a sex position for men that is particularly intimate. To get into place:

  • Sit upright with your legs crossed, making a seat for your partner.
  • Wrap their legs around your hips and guide them into position. 

At this angle, you’ll be eye to eye – able to whisper sweet compliments and dirty words to each other as you move. 

2. The Flatiron

Alternatively, for something that feels a little less emotionally driven, you should try the Flatiron. 

  • First place your partner flat on their stomach, with you hovering over them. 
  • Line yourself up, sliding your hands down their waist and lifting their pelvis upwards.
  • Support your weight on your knees and arms and start to thrust.

This sex position for men is perfect for deep penetration, leaving you both feeling amazing.

3. The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a versatile sex position for men that requires you to have a flat surface at a suitable height. A bed, desk, or countertop will do. 

  • Encourage your partner to sprawl themselves out, putting their body on full display.
  • Stand upright next to them, wrapping their legs around you.
  • Slide in and enjoy the bliss of new and comprehensive sensations.

4. The Reverse Cowgirl

As a man, it might always feel like the pressure is on you to do most of the work during sex. Thankfully, that’s where this sex position for men comes in.

With the Reverse Cowgirl, you’re the one who gets to lie down as your partner sits on your erection, facing away from you. You’ll have a glorious view and will get to catch your breath and let them set the pace. 

It’s truly heavenly.

5. The Valedictorian

Similar to the missionary position we all know and love, the Valedictorian only requires a little more flexibility. 

  • Grab your partner’s ankles.
  • Hook them over your shoulders.
  • Bend forward to get the best angle. 

With this sex position for men, just be mindful that you might orgasm earlier than you’d like. It simply feels that good.

Enjoy Sex Again with Support from the Men’s Health Clinic

When you find a sex position for men that ticks all the right boxes, you’ll have a sure-fire way to guarantee a long night of fun. 

Remember to change your pace to stop yourself from finishing early and take things slow while you enjoy that intense and consuming pleasure we’re all after. 

If you’ve been struggling to enjoy sex lately, these top sex positions for men might just be the answer you’re looking for. For ongoing issues with ED, seek guidance from the professionals at the Men’s Health Clinic.

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