What are the 4 types of PE?

What are the 4 types of PE?

Are you finding that when it comes to sex, you are finishing before your partner is satisfied? Can you feel your penis becoming more sensitive over time? Is this causing you frustration and anxiety? Has is affected your relationships?

You are not alone!

We get calls from men daily, suffering with sexual problems, often feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what the problem could be. All they know is that either they aren’t enjoying sex, or it’s causing intimacy issues with their partners. Sexual dysfunction is such a personal thing and affects men very differently. Today we’re discussing the 4 types of PE! When our Doctors are diagnosing our patients with PE, they take in to account different factors including your age, when you had your first sexual experience, lifestyle stresses and the length of time you’ve been experiencing sexual problems.

Firstly, for those unsure of what PE is, 

Premature Ejaculation

 (PE) is a term where men finish “too quick” during sex, often this means leaving their partner unsatisfied. Of course, different couples have different ideas of how quick “too quick” is, but generally a man who may suffer from PE will ejaculate within 2-3 minutes of sexual activity. What a lot of people don’t know is that PE is more common than you may think, a recent study estimated thatPremature Ejaculationaccounts for nearly half of all sexual problems in men: clearly this is a relatively common problem, despite the frustration and embarrassment that usually accompany the onset of symptoms.

Proper diagnosis is the key to effectively treating PE and treatment is crucial since premature ejaculation can deteriorate if it is not dealt with effectively. Today we’re outlining the four types as defined by sexual health professionals:

  • Type 1 PE. Common in young adults who were delayed in having their first sexual experience. This is a very mild and manageable form of premature ejaculation, typically rooted in common anxieties and insufficient sexual education.
  • Type 2 PE. This form of premature ejaculation is more common in adults approaching middle age and symptoms may appear with no warning. Lifestyle stresses are overwhelmingly the cause, particularly as a result of new job or family demands or the appearance of other significant stressors. Once the triggering cause is discovered, treatment is usually very effective.
  • Type 3 PE. Less common and more serious, Type 3 PE typically results when Type 2 PE is left untreated. Triggering causes may be more significant disturbances, including severe depression. Successful treatment is still achievable, but the road is longer and may require more effort from both doctor and patient.
  • Type 4 PE. This type of PE is the most serious because it can lead to significant health problems, including debilitating sexual dysfunction and depression. Type 4 PE often includes an erectile dysfunction component that also requires treatment. PE this severe is typically dealt with an extremely in-depth treatment

At Men’s Health Clinic we recognise that every man is different, and this is what makes our treatment plan so unique. Following PE diagnosis by our Doctors, we create a treatment program that caters to individual needs and we tailor a formula to create custom medication which includes specific components that you require. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions and we will endeavour to design a treatment that will be most effective for you and you circumstances- because that is what we find will help set you on a better path to more confidence with your partner in the bedroom.

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